Renan Souza, Ph.D.
Data Science and Data Engineering Researcher at IBM Research



Renan Francisco Santos Souza holds a Ph.D. (2019) and an M.Sc. (2015) in Computer Science from COPPE/Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), and a B.Sc. in Computer Science from UFRJ (2009-2013). Since 2015, he works at IBM Research Brazil, where he is a Research Scientist in the Intelligent Cloud Technologies group. He has been working both as a software engineer and a researcher in several projects since 2010 and has been actively publishing scientific papers in refereed international conferences and journals since 2014. During his B.Sc., he spent a school year at the computer science department at Missouri State University and did a summer internship at Stanford University in the SLAC National Laboratory. During his Ph.D., he was a visiting researcher with the Scientific Data Management team at Inria/Univ. Montpellier in France in 2019. In 2017, he won the best M.Sc. thesis award from SBBD, the main conference on data management in Latin America. He researches large-scale data science and data engineering techniques for the support of Artificial Intelligence systems.

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Research Interests

Large-scale Data Science and Data Engineering • Parallel Workflows • Data Provenance • Big Data Analytics • High Performance Computing in Clusters and Clouds • Machine Learning •

Selected Publications
All publications

Workflow Provenance in the Lifecycle of Scientific Machine Learning
R. Souza, L. Azevedo, V. Lourenço, E. Soares, R. Thiago, R. Brandão, D. Civitarese, E. Brazil, M. Moreno, P. Valduriez, M. Mattoso, R. Cerqueira, and M. Netto
arXiv preprint Databases (cs.DB), 2020.
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Efficient Runtime Capture of Multiworkflow Data Using Provenance
R. Souza, L. Azevedo, R. Thiago, E. Soares, M. Nery, M. Netto, E. Brazil, R. Cerqueira, P. Valduriez, and M. Mattoso
IEEE International Conference on e-Science (eScience), 2019.
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Keeping Track of User Steering Actions in Dynamic Workflows
R. Souza, V. Silva, J. Camata, A. Coutinho, P. Valduriez, and M. Mattoso
Future Generation Computer Systems, 2019.
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Data Reduction in Scientific Workflows Using Provenance Monitoring and User Steering
R. Souza, V. Silva, A. Coutinho, P. Valduriez, and M. Mattoso
Future Generation Computer Systems, 2017.
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